Comfortable and lightweight for sleeping, the mobile, wireless WISP headband is part of two new products added into BEL’s Ecosystem for neuroscience research: the WISP EEG and the WISP EEG/TES. Easy to self-apply at home, the WISP offers EEG with Sleep Stages, Statistics, Graphics, and wireless streaming to BEL’s cloud-based FLOW software.

Extend your sleep research at home with unprecedented reproducibility!

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The WISP was designed to move EEG research into real-world situations, including sleep research at home and on the go. The small, wearable, self-applied headband was created using miniaturization and machine learning for a small, mobile EEG unit. The WISP accurately tracks the participant's sleep stages in real-time using our proprietary machine learning technology.

Woman applying the WISP

Easy application and adjustments. 

WISP UI ipad

Elegant graphic display of sleep stages and statistics.

The complete WISP EEG/TES System features the comfortable and easy to apply headband, a tablet with user friendly WISP software, the WISP Dock computer, NEAT software with machine learning for real-time sleep staging and analysis, and BEL’s cloud-based FLOW workflow manager for collaborations, file management, EEG review tools, scripting and data analytics.

BEL’s WISP (Wireless Interface Sensor Pod) has been designed based on initial studies with High Density EEG using the BEL EEG System One, reflecting our commitment to an ecosystem of technology for human brain electrophysiology. With this knowledge from HD EEG and studying the optimal electrode locations for Transcranial Electrical Stimulation (TES), we designed the lightweight WISP EEG headband, bringing both EEG measurement and TES stimulation for many applications in human research, in sleep and waking.

The flexibility of having whole head coverage with the Geodesic Head Web and the BEL EEG System One in addition to the WISP headband gives your research new possibilities. Start your experiment in the laboratory and reproduce your work in the field or in the home. Both the BEL EEG System One and the WISP are mobile, wireless and stream data directly to FLOW software for workflow management.

The BEL's WISP headband is currently in use in a major study funded by the National Institute of Aging. The $2.5M grant to study improvement of Mild Cognitive Impairment uses a TES (Transcranial Electrical Stimulation) version of the WISP to lengthen restorative deep sleep for people with MCI. The link between a lack of deep sleep and neurodegenerative diseases is shown in recent scientific literature, as well as the promise of improving these conditions with better quality sleep.

BEL's WISP EEG products will become the backbone for Neurosom's sleep therapy applications. 

All of the BEL products are developed under BEL's quality system to meet regulatory standards.
BEL products are not yet cleared as medical devices.