Database and Workflow Management

FLOW is an EEG / ERP database and workflow manager for human neuroscience laboratories. Enhance productivity, reproducibility, and speed to publication with software that is state-of-the-art and accessed from any Chrome web browser.

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FLOW lab data and workflow management works with other tools such as SOURCERER (BEL's source estimation software), MNE open-source Python, EEGLAB MATLAB toolbox, FieldTrip software toolbox, and Jupyter Notebooks open-source softwareFLOW laboratory workflow and database management system allows for collaboration between labs with open source community tools for EEG, MEG and ERP analysis.

FLOW is included with the BEL EEG System One or can be acquired as a stand-alone product for all human neuroscience laboratories.

Powerful Database
Structured data science platform, providing a secure database, user authentication, audit functions, queries, storage, views of analytic workflows, status and reporting
Efficient Workflow
Scripting, linking technology and Docker containers support the scheduling of analytic worfklows with various data types to execute reliably for scientific rigor and reproducibility
Machine Learning
High performance computation including permutation resampling statistics and machine learning classification applied efficiently and reliably
Integrates the most powerful open source community tools for EEG, MEG, and ERP analysis, including a seamless link to Jupyter Notebooks

Now all laboratories running FLOW can have multiple users from lab, home, or any remote location around the world improving efficiency, collaboration, and supporting speed to publication.

Expand the reach of your lab by giving all your team members access to FLOW with no more multiple user license fees, a first in the industry!

FLOW comprises a database, file management interface, analytic workflows for EEG review and ERP analysis, and the Jupyter Notebooks - an open-source application for creating custom computational scripts and analyses. The software is accessed through the web on a Google Chrome browser, and provides the following functions for efficient data processing and management:

• User registration and authentication

• Experiment creation and data upload/download

• Workflow functions to process data

• Addition of information regarding the data (when not present in metadata)

• Query of database

• Presentation of query results

• Views of analytic workflows

• Views of workflow history and status

• Access to Jupyter Notebooks server for containerization of workflow scripts

All of the BEL Cloud Platform is developed under BEL’s quality system, meeting regulatory standards for future US FDA, Chinese FDA, and European CE certification.